Welcome to my world. A creative multi personality always driven to experiment with new materials and ways of working. Life would be so much simpler if I they could just settle on one creative 'niche' but I have learned to embrace the fact that that will never happen.

Drawing and painting (pencils, charcoal ,inks, watercolour, acrylic, oils, collage, mixed media..),papermaking, printing felting, weaving, knitting, embroidery, up cycling, (textiles, clothing, furniture...), photography, pyrography...These are just a few of my favourite things! A wide artistic skill set, and extensive knowledge of materials is a definite bonus when teaching, helping others to find the mediums and methods that best suit them

Textile as medium is a natural choice, something that has strong sensory resonance and is part of the fabric of all our lives from birth: Natural fibres and recycled textiles are meshed together in layers. Felt, stitch, knit and papermaking combine traditional craft techniques with a fine art approach. The materials themselves are imbued with living energy, giving them multi-sensory appeal; the softness and glow of dyed wool and silk, the hairy roughness and distinctive smell of jute, or the crispness of linen.

Domestic implements (iron, hotplate, washboard, blender, clingfilm etc) have migrated to the studio where they find more worthy employment in creative processes

Specialising in Fashion design for my degree in the 1980s, I rejected the industry as an environmental disaster and went on to designing and hand crafting unique knitwear for several years. Although I do still occasionally create couture garments, (in 2019 a scarlet corseted and hand embroidered wedding dress), my recent textile work has been more fine art based than wearable.

The paintings and drawings also often echo my textile background with layered and patterned textural marks woven together on paper, canvas, wood or metal substrates. Exhibiting, so far mainly in Scotland and Europe, including with the Royal Scottish Academy at the National Gallery of Scotland in 2017, I have also had illustrations commissioned and published by the Guardian (UK) and Herald (Scotland) national newspapers

Inspired by the natural environment, I love observing the changes of the seasons, cycles of growth and decay and the effects of the elements. Since moving from my native Scotland to rural SW France in 2019 I am spending a lot more time outdoors, growing organic food and flowers and observing nature. I am particularly drawn to the marvellous charm and textural elements of old French buildings; peeling paint, rust, weathered natural materials...watch this space!

Illustration, photography, and art and design work on a commission basis.

Private tuition and portfolio building for individuals or small groups by arrangement